Birthday Dinner 2009 at Buddakan

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Event Planning

For all of my 5 followers out there, let me give you an itinerary for a night out:

1. Leave work early, preferably before 5
2. Head down to the Kips Bay AMC Theatre at 32nd st and 2nd ave (may substitute any movie theater) and buy tickets for Sherlock Holmes (may substitute any movie)
3. In the five minutes before the movie is going to start, run next door to Waterfront Ale House and have a glass of Laphroaig 10 year (may not substitute any drink)
4. Enter theater just as the movie and your buzz are starting
5. Enjoy movie
6. Leave movie and walk briskly downtown to Momofuku Milk Bar at 13th st and 2nd ave
7. Eat a Pork Bun and 85-cent day old cookie
8. Walk a few blocks to PDT, sit under a stuffed Grizzly Bear wearing a tie, and have a bacon-infused Bourbon drink or some type of Fizz and enjoy a Wylie Dufresne designed hot dog
9. Head uptown to Mermaid Inn for a dinner with your significant others, where you eat a nice shrimp sandwich and realize you are passionate, false and fickle all "rolled" into one
10. Revel in a new Monday night tradition

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